Undoubtedly pork is impure, so there is nothing wrong with using gloves as a barrier to prevent you from directly coming into contact with pork. Gloves used for handling pork should be purified or thrown away if they are disposable.

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore has stated the following: Pork and pork by-products are considered to be major impurities (najis). As such, if one’s clothing or body becomes contaminated with pork, one cannot perform prayer until the contaminated area has been properly purified. One must use one part earth and water and six parts water for the purification process.

Using gloves or any other material as a barrier to avoid direct contact with pork is allowed. But if the material contaminates one’s body or one’s clothes, then it should be purified.

Handling vacuum-wrapped pork is allowed because the impurity is contained inside the wrapping. But as a precaution, one should wear gloves in the event that the wrapper gets punctured or has been previously contaminated.

Gloves that have been used to handle pork should be purified accordingly, or else they should be thrown away if they are disposable.