The Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences and the Islamic Fiqh Academy have stated that it is haram (forbidden) to use foetuses for organ transplantation without the fulfilment of certain conditions and regulations. In the session of its sixth conference held in Jeddah, KSA (Sha`ban 17-23, AH 1410/ March 14-20, 1990 CE), after reviewing the researches and recommendations related to such an issue, which was one of the topics of the sixth Medical Fiqh Seminar held in Kuwait (Rabi` Awwal AH 23-26, 1410/October 23-26, 1989 CE), and in cooperation with the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences, the council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy has issued the following:
1. It is haram to use foetuses for transplantation without the fulfillment of the following conditions and regulations:

a. There must be no abortion to use the embryo for transplantation, unless this abortion is spontaneous (i.e. a miscarriage), or done for a reason allowed by the Shari`ah (i.e., to save the mother’s life).

b. If the aborted foetus can survive, it should be given medical treatment to maintain its life and survival, not used for transplantation.

2. It is by no means permissible to use transplantations for trade purposes.

3. Transplantations must be supervised by a trustworthy specialized authority.