Islam calls for purification of both the inner heart and outer body, and both are required and connected to worshipping Allah. For example, a person who wants to offer Prayer (salah) should make wudu’ (ablution) or ghusl (purificatory bath) to purify his outer body. Also, he is required to purify his heart from spiritual diseases such as telling lies, backbiting, cheat, etc. Almighty Allah says, “Recite that which hath been inspired in thee of the Scripture, and establish worship [Prayer]. Lo! Worship [Prayer] preserveth from lewdness and iniquity.” (Al-`Ankabut 45)

Equally, Islam aims establishing a healthy community. Therefore, it regulated the relationship between both sexes so as to guarantee the safety and dignity of both genders.

Islam prohibited touching or looking at people of the opposite sex with desire unless they are spouses. But if dealing with the opposite sex is free from unlawful desires, then the community will be safe and secure. In principle, contacts between men and women are not totally rejected; rather, recommendable so long as a noble objective is intended and the subject itself is lawful such as acquiring beneficial knowledge, good work, charitable project, obligatory Jihad or many other deeds that require the efforts and the co-operation the both sexes.

However, this by no means calls for transgressing the limits and forgetting about the nature of both sexes. In all their dealings, both men and women are to abide by the teachings of Islam that call for co-operation on the basis of goodness and piety while observing the rules of morality and politeness.