Dealing with ribais an enormously grievous sin as it incurs the wrath and curse of Allah. Thus, a Muslim has to abstain from involving in any usurious transaction.

Hence, taking such a load to increase income to maintain a particular standard of life is not an excuse at all for dealing with riba. Instead, one should try to cut down his expenses and to find another suitable job with a better income.

A Muslim should seek the help of Allah and pray humbly to him to safeguard him against the evils of his soul and to help him in his hardship. It is He in Whose Hands lie all affairs and it is He Who gives and withhold.

If we fear Allah and abstain from dealing with riba, Allah will provide us with a better alternative. We should remember that “whosoever fears Allah, Allah will make a way out for him” and “whoever puts his trust in Allah, He is sufficient for him” (Al-Talaq 2,4)

Dr. Monzer Kahf, a Scholar in Islamic Economics and a Financial Expert responded to such a question as thus::

It is not permissible to take a Riba-based loan under these circumstances because there is no a necessity situation for the student loan. Besides from your good income you can save money for higher education, you can also work part-time with study. On the current job, I suggest that you may need to change your attitude toward your current work rather than have the company change its standards. It seems that you may use some good amount of family counseling for this purpose. There is no reason that job pressure should be carried home at the end of the day.