Slaughtering of Sacrificial Animals (Hadiya) is of different types. One of which is called the ransom (fidya). This is paid in the case of Tamatu'(Mini Hajj) and Qiraan. It is a form of appreciation from a Muslim that Allah, the most glorified, gives him the privilege to perform the various aspects of Hajj altogether. Another type is a penalty paid for doing what is prohibited during hajj.  Also, there is slaughtering that is desirable, which is a confirmed Sunnah (sunnah muakkadah). 

With regard to the  first and the second types mentioned above, both are compulsory sacrifices and must take place in the Holy Mecca either done by the pilgrim or by his representative, as Allah Almighty says: “…until the sacrificial animal has reached its place of slaughter.” Q2:196

However, if the sacrifice is a desirable one (mustahab), the pilgrim has the right to slaughter it in his country or anywhere the poor Muslims are.

The pilgrim therefore must adhere to slaughtering in Mecca for the people and the poor people living there.