Whoever has not been given an aqiqah by his father, then there is no obligation for him to give an aqiqah, but if he gives himself an aqiqah then it is permissible.

Dr Husaam Al deen Afanah- teacher of jurisprudence and its principles in Al Quds University- says:

There are two sayings of the scholars in this matter:

The first saying is that it is liked for the one who has not been given an aqiqah when he was a baby, to give an aqiqah to himself when he is older. Ataa and Hasan, and Muhammad bin Sireen have said, and it is the saying of Al Qaffal Al Shasi from Shafi’s school, and a narration from Ahmad, and Al-Shawkani commented on saying the hadith mentioned is authentic.

The second saying is that he should not give an Aqiqah for himself, and this is the saying of Shafi’, and one of the opinions reported from Ahmad.

The evidence for the first opinion is what has been narrated that the prophet gave an aqiqah for himself after prophethood and this is a hadith that has been spoken about extensively by the narrators.

And the others bring evidence: That the aqiqah is for the father, and so the child should not do it after he has reached maturity, for the sunnah has confirmed that it is for rights of other, and they also said: The hadith that the first group brought as evidence is not confirmed, and if it had been confirmed then we would be able to say it is specifically for the Prophet


The hadith that has been brought as evidence by the first group is not authentic about the Prophet so it is not a correct evidence for them. And they also have not mentioned anything that would say that being old prevents the aqiqah, There were reports from some of the predecessors that allow this, from them:

1. Al Hasan al basri said : (if no one has done Aqiqah for you, then do Aqiqah for yourself if you are a man).

2. Muhammad bin Sireen says: (I gave aqiqah for myself with a camel, after I became a man).

3. It is also reported from Imam Ahmad, that he recommended for the one who had not been given an Aqiqah when he was young, to give himself an Aqiqah once he is old enough and he said: (If someone does it then I do not dislike it)

Based upon what has been provided, there is no harm in a person giving Aqiqah on behalf of himself when he is older, if no one had given him Aqiqah when he was younger.