Regarding keeping the relationship between the spouses, Allah the Most High says: (And treat them kindly; then if you hate them, it may be that you dislike a thing while Allah has placed abundant good in it.). The purpose of marriage includes living in harmony, affection, and mercy. These purposes must be fulfilled by both spouses as a mean to end disputes that cause opposition between them. This responsibility weigh more for the man whom Allah has made the guardian of his family, for the rightness of his mind, and the strength of his patience.

If the woman makes a mistake intentionally, or unintentionally, it does not give her husband the right, ever, to evict her from the house, due to the saying of Allah SWA: (Do not drive them out of their houses, nor should they themselves go forth, unless they commit an open indecency;). Evicting someone from the house is not done, except with a strong reason, and that is fornication or its likes.

If a divorced woman can be allowed by Sheriah to be left in her house during her waiting period after divorce, hoping that Allah will bring about a change of heart, then a non-divorced wife should have a better access to her home. Thus the husband should never expel her from the house. If the husband expels her from the house, then he becomes sinful, and he must ask for forgiveness and return his wife to the house.