Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries face a lot of problems and difficulties. Perhaps the most serious problem they face is the absence of qualified people of knowledge whose role is highly crucial in such communities, as they bear the responsibility of educating them, increasing their awareness with the teachings of their religion, solving their problems, and dealing with their concerns.

It is the duty of these communities to seek and find such people of knowledge. Unfortunately, however, many of the Muslims in these countries are more concerned of hunting for money and worldly gains than caring for the injunctions of their religion.

Our advice to you is to do as much as you can, within the limits of Islam prescribed for Muslim women, to help your community learning their religion seeking the help of Allah and paying no attention to those who do not listen or comply. But first you should equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to take this responsibility.

Then you can start to teach those around you beginning with your family and then your friends and relatives. Then you can move on to other Muslim sisters in the community. At the same time your husband, brothers, and/or other non marriageable men whom you have taught can start spreading the knowledge they have learnt practically and verbally. Books, booklets, audio and video tapes, emails, and the like means may all be used in fulfilling this noble goal.

As for this imam, you can also advice him through your husband or/and brothers to seek knowledge and fear Allah before whom he is going to stand on the Day of Judgment and will be held accountable for his negligence of his responsibilities.