Role of Imam

Should I Help my Community as a Lady When the Imam is Negligence?

Assalamu a'alikum dear scholars and brothers in deen!The portuguese muslim community is relatively small, about 20,000 in 10,000,000. There are many people who don't know the basics of Islam and are very stubborn and proud when someone tries to corrects some faults in salaat or wudhoo, for example.Regarding this, I made a poster explaning prayer in detail including wudhoo, prayer in congregation, number of arrakaats, etc. with some pictures (faceless cartoons) but it didn't work. The imam, out of fear that people will stop going to the masjid, doesn't take this matter seriously and no one takes any iniciative.What can be done?Also, the imam speaks always about the same topics in friday khutbas. Topics without pratical action. He went as far as saying that the verses of Qur'an regarding armed jihad refers to "good words" and "positive speeches". He doesn't speak very well portuguese nor arabic, but still... he is one of the very few who knows a little of both languages.The community is very wide in nationalities and some seem to have the idea that the arabs feel superior towards others regarding deen. So I think the choice of this imam was a bit political as well. Perhaps if it was a "white" imam or arab, it would cause much fitnah. But I'm not happy with this imam, and some of my friends as well. And this is the only masjid in my city with a women's area.I appreciate your wise advice. Jazakum Allahu khayran and may Allah help you to keep up with your efforts in the name of Islam.