Generally speaking, we can say that praising others is not forbidden in Islam as long as there is no alteration of the facts and the praise is not said to seek favors. Sincere forms of praise that are based on facts are not only permissible, but also encouraged in Islam.

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore states the following: Islam is a simple religion. The fundamentals of Islam are easy to understand and implement. However, misunderstandings may arise when people try to make the religion difficult. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, “The religion is simple, and those who try to make it difficult will only make it difficult for themselves” (Al-Bukhari).

Praising others is not forbidden in Islam. In fact, the Prophet himself used to praise a number of his Companions. And the Companions used to praise each other. It is only forbidden to praise someone to the point of excess, to praise someone based on false facts, or to praise someone with an ulterior motive of seeking favors from that person. If praise is given sincerely and is true, then it is not forbidden in Islam. In fact, praise should be encouraged in Islam in an effort to encourage our children or students to study harder and to raise their confidence levels.