`Eid is the day of happiness and unity on which Muslims get the chance to celebrate the praises of their Lord, see each other, heal any rifts between them, and show kindness to one another.

Muslims are commanded to celebrate their unity and cooperation in the broadest terms because this will indirectly attract non-Muslims towards Islam and remove the stains of hatred and malice from their fellow brothers and sisters.

Regarding where the ‘Eid prayer should be offered , Dr. Rajab Abu Maleeh stated,

“The practical Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was to leave his mosque for the Eid prayers and perform these prayers in the musalla (pure place outside dwelling areas). He (peace be upon him) used to offer the `Eid prayer in the desert outside the city and he did not offer the `Eid prayer inside the city unless there was a reason that made it necessary to do so, such as rain or other reason.

Therefore, if there are reasons for offering it in the mosque such as rain or unbearable cold or hotness, there is no harm on performing it in the mosque. However, if people offer `Eid Prayer in the mosque with no reason for that, the prayer is not invalid but it would be better to observe the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).”

May Allah guide all to what pleases Him