The teachings of the Nation of Islam are extremely far from mainstream Islam in many matters especially those of doctrine. For example, Wallace Fard (known as Master Wali Farrad Muhammad) who organized the Nation of Islam in Detroit, claimed to be a prophet from Allah to the African-American population.
Elijah Mohammad, who took leadership after Fard disappeared, preached racism, stated that whites are an inferior race. There is a lot that can be said about the difference between the Nation of Islam and mainstream Islam. What we can tell you is that many African-Americans who joined the Nation of Islam learned about the correct Islamic teachings and joined the ranks of mainstream Muslims of all colors and races.”
Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a Senior Lecturer and an Islamic Scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states the following: “As far as my knowledge goes, the Nation of Islam is not representing the true beliefs of Islam and its practices; rather, it is based on the ideology of pitting one race against another (i.e., pitting the black race against the whites or vice versa).
Islam, being a universal religion that teaches the oneness of human family, does not approve of such ideologies. This is the reason why the late Malcom-X denounced the ideology of the Nation of Islam and embraced the true teachings of Islam. When he discovered the true Islam, he found himself liberated and free in every sense.”
Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah, ISNA President and Member of the Fiqh Council of North America adds: “Two years ago, some leaders of Muslims in America, including myself, met with Louis Farakhan and in that meeting he promised us to change his group to mainstream Islam.
As I see, there are some positive changes in some followers of the Nation of Islam. When Elijah Muhammad passed away, his son Warith Al-Deen took over and the latter changed the group into the World Community and some other changes happened. At least, they started to come to the mosque and pray with other people. In my opinion, they need help, and we should work together to teach them and educate them about Islam. We should take positive action instead of criticizing.”