Dr. MohamadNaimMohamadHanySaei, said,

According the majority of Muslim scholars from different schools of thought, no Muslim female who has not been married before is allowed to marry without the permission of her parent or guardian. And according to these scholars, the marriage should be conducted by the parents or the guardian.

Imam Abu Hanifah, however, among a few other scholars, permits marriage without permission of the parent or guardian for a female who has passed the age of puberty and even conducting the marriage by herself as long as she is marrying someone who is equal in status and social rank to her family. And according to Abu Hanifah, if she is not marrying someone with this criteria, the family of the female has the authority to break the marriage contract.

Responding to a similar question, Dr. Rajab Abu Maleeh, a sharia consultant said,

As for your father’s attitude, it is not permissible for him to punish his daughter in this harsh manner nor to desert and boycott her, even if she did wrong. In fact, his refusal either was:

-unjustifiable and unfair, and in this case he is responsible for what happened as he compelled his daughter to act this way. So, he has to turn in penitence to the truth and be just with his daughter.

or justifiable and fair, and in this case, if he is in a country that applies sharia rulings, he may resort to the court to annul this marriage contract and the judge will check the case and decide what is the right course. But if this is not available, he still needs to open the door for his daughter and give her a chance. She may realize her fault one day and return to him. He should at least let some of her brothers and sisters communicate with her so that she may resort to him or her in need.