A Muslim believes that everything happens by Allah’s preordainment. With firm belief in Allah and in His all- encompassing Wisdom and Knowledge a Muslim faces all the temptations and trials of this world. Thus, the more we get closer to Allah and become acquainted with His Laws that organize this universe, the calmer and more tranquil our hearts become.

Marriage, like any other thing that one may seek, has means to be sought through. So, a Muslim should follow the legitimate ways that leads him or her to the legitimate goal and should do his or her best to achieve it leaving the results to the qadar (divine decree and preordainment). Of course, one’s relation with Allah is very important to worldly successfulness as well. A Muslim who is close to Allah enjoys His guidance and help.

Accordingly, besides taking all the necessary means, one has to strengthen his or her relation with Allah by:

–          fulfilling His obligation, especially with regard to the pillars of Islam

–          avoiding His prohibitions

–          making a lot of du`a, for du`a is a strong weapon that helps the Muslim achieving successfulness

–          being content with Allah’s decree and preordainment, for one may not be able to perceive the secrets of the divine Wisdom. One may first hate something which turns to be good for him and may desire something which turns to be evil for him.

A Muslim is also advised to approach good and religious people seeking their help in choosing a good wife.