‘Harry Potter’ books and movies are all about magic and mythology, and that is why reading or watching them is to be avoided. There is almost a consensus among Muslim scholars that learning magic is haram. For sure, there are many useful books and movies to read and watch other than ‘Harry Potter’. The issue becomes more dangerous when parents allow their children to watch or read such stories as it may affect their creed in their earliest years.
Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Shinqiti, Director of the Islamic Center of South Plains, Lubbock, Texas, states the following: “Traditionally, there is almost consensus among Muslim scholars that learning magic is haram. They base their argument on the verse mentioning people who learn magic: “And they learn what harms them, not what profits them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls, if they but knew.” (Al-Baqarah: 102)
According to the trustworthy people who read the works of “Harry Potter” it is all about magic and mythology. Therefore, I would not advise young people to read it or parents to give it to their children.
The attractive way in which these works are done is very dangerous and might negatively affect the basic concept of `aqeedah or Islamic creed and values of our youth. People of knowledge recognize the impact such artistic works might have on the mind and soul. The late well-known Muslim poet, Muhammad Iqbal, is quoted to have said: “Aridity of logic cannot overwhelm the beauty of poetry. Therefore, a Muslim is advised to stay away from these attractive but poisonous works.”