First of all, we’d like to state that Islam is not against entertainment as long as it does not keep a person away from an obligation and its means does not contain anything un-Islamic. By the same token, as long as computer or video games are void of undesirable themes and messages, then playing them can be considered as permissible.
However, the permissibility here is conditional on the fact that one is resorting to it as an occasional outlet only; for there is no doubt whatsoever that if one’s indulgence in playing such electronic games in any way interferes with one’s performance of his/her worship or other obligatory duties, then it shall be considered as strictly forbidden.

It is on this that Dr. Monzer Kahf, Scholar in Islamic Economics and a Financial Expert asserted that

‘Abide by the rules imposed by the country residence should be observed as they are intended for certain objectives that may deserve to be respected. I find no need or necessity to obtain the most advanced internet games and in such cases there is no justification for any exception of the rules that prohibit the use of other peoples’ properties without paying for them.’

From this verdict, it is clear that it is not allowed to download any game illegally if it is protected and has to be paid for.