Is Downloading Games from the Internet Permissible?

Peace be upon you I'm an Egyptian guy, I love Pc Games, it the main entertaining thing in my life,  From a little period of time I used to download them illegally from internetthen I discovered that that's considered violation of copyrights which is strictly preserved in Islamand that's considered transgression on other right So I decide to buy themthe problem is this:there are no any Game retailers in Egypt except just two in Cairo (Virgin mega stores and game valley) I travelled from Alex to Cairo to buy the games I want, but I found that they had a very small and old collection which I don't want, I asked them to import them from outside they refused I made a visa internet card and tried to buy the games online from Amazon, eBay and direct downloading sites But Most of the games I want are restricted to Egypt Can't be bought or shipped to Egypt because of VAT and other taxation issues I messaged the Company that produces the games in USA I told them if they can show me any method to buy the games by any means, they completely neglected me My question is: Can I Play the illegal copy of the games? Knowing that the company will never Lose anything If played it me because there are already thousands of Cracked version are being downloaded from the net daily whether I download it or not,and there is not any method to give them the price of the game, I really want to pay them but I don't know what to? So can I play the unofficial till I am able to pay them?Thank you in advance