As regards your question, Dr. Zainab  Al-Alwani, instructor of Fiqh and Islamic studies, graduate school of Islamic and Social Sciences, stated,

Repentance is a complete system in Islam. It requires the person to completely give up the sins he or she is en
gaged in and then turns penitent to Almighty Allah seeking His forgiveness. This is the cornerstone of accepting tawbah (repentance to Allah). Therefore, you need to repent sincerely and be sure that Allah will accept your tawbah.

Another key factor in accepting tawbah is that the sin is never repeated. That is a sign of sincere repentance – that you do not go back to what you asked forgiveness of. Therefore, a complete and thorough change in your lifestyle is to follow your repentance. This should include increase in your prayers, fasting and supplication (du’a’). Also you need to develop a special relationship with Allah through the daily recitation of Qur’an, especially the recitation that is done with deep reflection on meanings of the Qur’an. That should give you a very positive perspective of life and build up your faith in Allah.
With regard to this man, I think you should only think of him as an option if you think that he will draw you closer to Allah, rather than to encourage you to commit further sins. Being a non-Muslim makes it unacceptable at least at the moment to be considered as an option.
On a different note, you should build up a new network of friends that are known for their righteousness and work for the sake of Allah. Being in such company, it would give you hope and encourage you to become a better Muslim.
as for Hijab, you should go gradually about it. You should build your faith and never lose hope in Allah and know that it is part of the obligations that you owe to Allah.

May Allah guide all of us to what pleases Him!