Wael `Abdel-Mut`aal Shihab, Shari`ah researcher at Al-Azhar University , states: “In fact, family problems should be solved in a kind way and good manner. Compassion, love, mercy, and kindness should dominate husband-wife relations.
as for dealing with an physically or verbally abusive wife, I do advise the husband, first of all, to be patient and forbearing. The more patient, loving and kind he will be, the more reform he could do to his wife’s morals. Also, the wife should fear Allah and take care of her husband. She should never harm his feelings or emotions. She has to share him love and kindness.
now, I wish to advise both the husband and the wife to:
1. Spare no efforts in bringing themselves closer to each other through all available permissible means.
2. Try to arrange for a journey so that they would have a chance to maintain ties of love and affection among themselves.
3. Try to enhance their knowledge of Islam wisely and kindly. This may be done through visiting the nearby Islamic center, visiting reliable Islamic web sites, reading Islamic books, etc.
4. Try to seek professional Islamic counseling through a nearby Islamic center or our Cyber Counselor.
5. Solve their family problems through mutual understanding, respect, sacrifice, love and kindness. If they fail to solve some problems, they may resort to close family members for help and assistance.
6. When any of them gets angry, the other partner should try to calm him/her down by kind and soft responses.
7. Don’t forget to make du`a’ to Allah to help them lead a good life and to guide them to what is best in this world and the world to come.”