Getting back to the Straight Path represents the first steps towards gaining victory over our enemy. Here, we would like to stress that Muslims are not allowed to resort to violence to end the foreign presence in the gulf as this will begin an endless circle of violence and this is not a viable solution at all. Muslims should try to unite together, join hands with one another and exercise pressure on those troops and with this the desired results will be achieved in the near future, in sha’ Allah.
Dr. `Abdul-Fattah `Ashoor, professor of the Qur’anic Exegesis at Al-Azhar University, states the following: Muslims were few number when they had their first encounter with unbelievers in the battle of Badr. However, they gained massive victory over their enemies. Throughout history, this has occurred many times. Deep thinking shows that these victories relate to Muslims’ dedication to their religion and abiding by the true teachings of Islam in theory and practice. Let us now reflect on the reality of Muslims, which is at odds with that glowing and illuminating reality of our great ancestors.
I just want to highlight the point that, in order to gain victory over our enemies with their power and might, we are to gain victory over ourselves first; we have to make some sort of striving against ourselves. This occurs when we return back to the fold of Islam, show repentance to Allah and abide by His Guidance. We must also show love to one another and get unified again under the shade of this great religion.
As for what you say about attacking the foreign troops in the Muslim lands, with the Hadith you quote as evidence, we would like to notify you that the Hadith stands not in your favor. Along the history of Islam, we have never heard of any Muslim Caliph attacking non-Muslims living in the Muslim land or drive them out of their homes by means of force. Following the Prophet’s Hadith commanding the purging the Arabian Peninsula of non-believers, Caliph `UmarIbn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) made this in a peaceful way. But it’s clear that this was a special case. Everywhere in the vast Muslim caliphate, non-Muslims dwelt alongside their Muslim brothers in peace and harmony. We never heard of a non-Muslim being driven out of his place in the Muslim land or being subject to any kind of persecution in any place in that vast Muslim State that extended from Andalusia (now Spain) to China.
On the contrary, you could remember that Muslims in Andalusia were subjected to religious persecution and massive killing and torturing. Despite that, none of Muslim scholars deemed it allowable to meet this unjust attack, which culminated in driving Muslims out of Andalusia, by attacking non-Muslims living in the Muslim land.
So it’s clear that such thing about attacking non-Muslims residing in Muslim land runs counter to the noble principles of Islam, for this great religion leaves no room for hate crimes that are now being committed against Muslims in the West.