The logical view of homosexuality is that it is an aberrant way of gratifying ones sexual desires. The nature of things is that there should be no kind of sexual attraction between members of the same sex. People, just as various as they are, are divided into two genders, male and female, and each gender has an innate inclination toward the other, under a set of proper guidelines clarified by the Shari`ah.

Lesbians and those who experience similar sensations should seek psychological and physiological therapy, because they are diseased and need help. The problem is that lesbians and gays, though admitting that they are abnormal, surrender to their pervasive feelings. Then, under the influence of self-indulgence that overpowers moral limits, they try to manifest themselves as a normal social group that society has to recognize and accept.

Whether she will get married or not, your friend has to get rid off such sensations through fearing Allah and seeking the proper treatment, and she should not neglect supplication to Allah, which is the most beneficial solution for her.

Answering to this question, Dr. Zainab Al-Alwani, instructor of fiqh and Islamic studies, Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, stated,

It seems to me that the questioner’s friend is suffering from some psychological problems, in addition to her exposure to that type of sexual activity. Therefore, she has been negatively affected by it.

Consequently, she needs to start purifying her mind and heart by making sincere repentance to Allah and asking Him for forgiveness. She should strengthen her faith by doing good deeds often. Then, she should avoid watching anything related to this sexual behavior. She has to wean herself from this matter completely and give herself two or more months to see the change.

however, I think that when she gets married, she would be purified thoroughly, as she will be thinking more profoundly about family and its institution in Islam and will be able to develop such noble values that can positively occupy her mind.