There is nothing wrong at all in seeking people’s help and assistance. This does not affect our belief as long as we truly believe that people can do nothing except by Allah’s will and power.

We need to understand the difference between means and results. The means are people’s responsibility, while results are controlled by Almighty Allah. We are commanded by Almighty Allah to take the means and do our part before expecting specific results to take place.

It is true that a Muslim should turn to Allah at times of ease and at times of hardship, and seek the help of Allah in all his affairs, as Allah says: “Is not He Who responds to the distressed one, when he calls Him, and Who removes the evil…” [al-Naml 27:62]. But if a person calls on anyone to help him in a matter in which that person is able to help, then this is permissible. So long as a person is alive, present and able, there is nothing wrong with seeking his help.