Islam and belief in luck

Asalam alaikum wa rehmatullah. Sir, my question isQ1.Does the luck of wife plays any role in the success of husband,as ive seen many men got better jobs,and money,after getting married,and i read one incident too,a very poor man came to prophet(pbuh)and said what should i do,so the prophet replied get married, man was surprised,but he got married and ultimately succeded in business. Q2. I get monthly pocket money from my husband whos doing very very well financially. from that money i at times help my widow mother,in acute need only,as we dont have any brother also.when i visit her i try to pay for all my and her household expenses too.does that counts as theft from husbands money. my father in law says he has big gest right on my husbands money as he spent money on his education and all,keeps telling my husband all the time,although my husband is a very dutiful husband,so much that he at times doesnt gives my right as a wife just to please his father and a widowed sister.husbands father and sister,manipulate ,make false stories that they are facing so much hardships so as to send them more and more husband has invested with his father and sister good amout of money in varoius projects,without telling me,is this right that i get this info from source other than my husband. my sister in law says allah has given so much to my brother because he does so much for me,is this right too.he is told by his family to hide things from wife,make her obedient so much that she has no guts to speak her mind.his younger brother does no job,and is fully dependetn on my husband too,which again is hidden so that i dont know. who has the biggest right on my husbands money,shouldnt my husbant consult me on such matters? inlaws never spent a penny on me or my kids,ive 3 daughters,i fear for their future,who can tell my husband that its only his financial status that hes respected so much,not he or his children forget aobut wife.and after doing so much for them i still hear the complaints that husband listens to wife and has forgotten us,to all relatives,that makes me very angry,i told this to my husband andhe refused to believe thta his widowed sister can do such a thing i know my standing in the eyes of my husband,i pray that one day their true intentions are revealed to him. kindly comment.