Islamic law has shown great concern for man, and one of the purposes of this sharia is to preserve the human’s life. As the Shariah ordered the Muslim to take care of his body, it also forbade it from harming it. The Prophet said: (Don’t cause harm and do not retaliate against harm) narrated by Ibn Maja.

On the conditions of dangerous sports, scientists spoke in the rule of practicing dangerous sports: the author of “addur lmukhtar” in the hanafi jurisprudence said: (…it is permissible to practice every dangerous game for a smart one who is capable of guaranteeing his safety, like firing crossbows, and hunting a snake, and it is permissible to watch them).

The first condition: smartness, skillset and full proficiency of such types of sports, and this will only be done with a lot of practice, repeating play and training until the skill and perfection is achieved. If the training results in leaving an obligatory worship, or not upholding a sunnah, then such sport is rendered null and void.
If he does the training and practices without leaving his acts of worship, then it is permissible, as well as watching at that time.
The second condition is safety. If safety is not certain, or doubts about it, then he is forbidden to practice because it leads to destruction.  We have been prohibited from leading ourselves to destruction when Allah said: (.. and do not lead yourselves to destruction ..) Al-Baqarah (Quran chapter 2)
The third condition is that playing should not be for money, so compensation is forbidden in such types of games and sports, as this is considered to be consuming people’s money unlawfully, as there is no interest at that time.
It is also required to prevent mixing between men and women, not to show players’ chastity, and to prevent magic sports.