Sheikh Hamed Al-`Ali, instructor of Islamic Heritage at the Faculty of Education, Kuwait and Imam of Dahiat As-Sabahiyya Mosque, states that: “It is allowed to name your son Khalid (eternal). It was the name of one of the Companions of the Prophet, Khalid ibn Al-Walid (may Allah be pleased with him) and the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) never disapproved of his name.
Anyway, Khalid is not of the Names of Allah; however Allah is Al- ‘Awwal (the First) and Al-‘Aakhir (the Last). The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to supplicate to Allah as thus:
Allahumma anta al-awwalu falaysa qablaka shay’un wa ‘anta al-akhiru falaysa ba`daka shay’un [O Allah, You are the First and no one was before You; You are the Last and there is no one after You.]”
Moreover, the life of the inhabitants of Paradise is also called Khalid (eternal). Generally, the souls of people are eternal and they never die; however they move from one stage to another…from life to Barzakh (intermediary stage between death and the Day of Judgment), and from Barzakh to the Judgment Day, then to the everlasting life in Paradise or in the Hell-Fire.”