One of the basic objectives of the Shari`ah is to remove and alleviate whatever physical or psychological harm one faces in his daily life. In this regard, there will be no harm if the person uses certain types of alcohol that are not impure and at the same time not unlawful to use. Indeed, there are different types of alcohol and each type has its own ruling.

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, states the following: Usually the alcohol used in commercial products is synthetically made from chemical reaction, which is cheaper than a type produced from the fermentation of carbohydrates such as grapes and rice. Synthetic alcohol is not najis (impure). But alcohol made from the fermentation of carbohydrates is najis. This is because synthetic alcohol is very poisonous and thus cannot be consumed by humans; whereas alcohol produced by the fermentation of carbohydrates is consumable, although it is haram. Therefore, using products containing synthetically produced alcohol is allowable and will not nullify the Prayer.