It is good to understand that the best way to serve and worship Allah is to follow the Sunnah of His Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and to follow the guidance of the leading and righteous scholars who are known to be following His Sunnah and call people to follow it.

Referring this issue Dr. Rajab Abu Maleeh said:

First of all, a wife has to seek the permission of her husband and obey him as long as he does not command her to commit disobedience.

Now, as to giving such a Bay`ah (pledge), instead of using the word Bay`ah which could be controversial, let us use a promise for cooperation on the righteousness and piety. Such promises could be permissible if they involve no sin or violation of the Islamic rulings. They could be a means to obedience, but good ends have to have legitimate means.

So, the content of this promise has to have a foundation in the Islamic sharia and be free from bid`ah (blameworthy) For women, they cannot be in privacy with men neither are they allowed to shake hands with them.