The eminent Muslim scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, states: “There is no authentic hadith that explicitly confirms or negates that there is an amount of Zakah due on a woman’s jewellery. That is why jurists have differed concerning the hadiths which are narrated in this regard.
Muslim scholars unanimously agree that Zakah is obligatory in the prohibited jewellery, as when a man wears gold jewellery.
As for the jewellery that is halal for woman, it is permissible that she pays Zakah on it in a percentage of 2.5% every year. This is better for her, brings her closer to Almighty Allah, and makes her more reassured concerning the fulfilment of her religious duties, especially if she is not wearing it, but keeping it for selling. Yet still, for any woman who does not pay Zakah on her jewellery, no one is to compel her to pay it.”