Qadyaniyyah (also known as Ahmadiyyah) is an Indian-based movement that was established under the patronage of the British colonial powers in 1900 for the aim of driving Muslims away from their religion and, most definitely, the religious duty of Jihad, which, they feared, might be used to stage rebellion against the British occupation. The mouthpiece of the movement was Religions, a magazine that was issued in English at that time.
Dogmas and Ideology:
Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the movement, began his activities as an Islamic caller to attract as many supporters as he could. Later, he claimed himself a reformer and a divinely-inspired man. Afterwards, he said that he was the awaited Mahdi. Later on, he claimed prophethood and even said that his prophethood was much better than that of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.
The followers of this group believe that Allah, Glorified be He, performs some acts befitting the mortals, like fasting, praying, sleeping, and even committing mistakes. But Allah Almighty is Far Exalted above what they say!
A Qadyani believes that his lord is English as he speaks to him in English. He also believes that Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, is not the seal of Prophets and that Allah Almighty sends new prophets according to time and need, and that Ghulam Ahmad is the greatest prophet. The followers of this sect also believe that Angel Gabriel used to come to Ghulam Ahmad and convey revelations to him. In addition, they say that the only accepted book is the book presented by Ghulam Ahmad, his words are the only accepted words and that all prophets stand under his control. Furthermore, they believe that their book, known as Al-Mubeen is a heavenly-revealed one.
They continue spreading their false ideas by saying that they have a new religion totally different from all other religions and that the companions of Ghulam Ahmad are like the Prophet’s Companions. Moreover, they say that Qadyan, their leader’s place of birth, is like, or even better than, Makkah and Madinah, so they take it as their prayer direction and a center of pilgrimage. They call for ignoring Jihad and showing complete obedience to the British empire, because it represents the ruler to whom obedience is due. To them, every Muslim is a Kafir (disbeliever) until he converts to their belief, and that anyone who marries a non-Qadyani is considered an unbeliever. They also allow wine, opium, intoxicants and drugs.
In 1914 the followers of Ghulam Ahmad were divided into two groups. The overwhelming majority of his followers belong to the first group known as Qadyanis and were headed by Bashiruddin Mahmud, the second successor of Ghulam Ahmad. The second group known as Lahori, and founded by Muhammad ‘Ali Lahori, is a minority among the followers of Ghulam Ahmad. The second group have a less striking tone of their principles by claiming that they do not believe in Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet in the real sense of the term but as Mujaddid (a renovator). However, they still believe him to be true in all other claims, which led Muslims to regard them also as outside the pale of Islam.
Qadianiyah in the Eyes of Muslims:
On the month of Rabi` Al-Awwal 1394 A.H. (April 1974 A.C.) a large conference was held in the Muslim World League headquarters in Makkah and was attended by many representatives of international Islamic organizations. The communiqué issued by this conference branded this group as Kafirs (unbelievers). It also recommended that all Muslims should stand to face this group and never deal with its members and not to bury them in Muslim cemeteries.
Moreover, Qadyaniyyah followers have good relations with Israel that helped them issue a special magazine (that stands as their mouthpiece) and many other pamphlets that are distributed all over the world.
Based on the above-mentioned facts, we can say that Qadyaniyyah is a deviant group that has nothing to do with Islam. Muslims are to be aware of them especially after they have been branded as Kafirs by all scholars.