Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah, President of the ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) and member of the Fiqh Council ofNorth America, states: “Tourism is highly recommended by the Qur’an. Allah asked us to travel through the earth to take the lessons from the other people that came before us.
People travel to gain knowledge, learn about history of other people and widen their perspective about life and their understanding of human civilization. Hajj is one of the Islamic forms of tourism.
In today’s world, tourism has become a matter of business to attract people from other countries. As Islamic countries, they should have rules for the tourists to follow. For example, allowing wine and night clubs in Muslim countries for the sake of tourism is completely wrong and contrary to the teachings of Islam. Muslim countries should better put the rules for those visiting their countries and people can come and enjoy time without being served with haram things. When people visit the Vatican, there are certain requirements and conditions they have to abide by. Muslim countries should do the same thing.
So, tourism is not haram in principle, but what comes with it is that makes it halal or haram, and this is the responsibility of the Muslim countries.”