Circumcision is part of the Sunan Al-Fitrah (practices akin to the true nature of people). Abu Hurayrah narrates: “Five things are related to the Fitrah: circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, plucking the armpit hair, cutting the nails, and trimming the moustache.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhaari, 5550; Muslim, 257).

Usually, the circumcision is performed within few days after birth, but it can be done at any age, even after one becomes an adult especialy if a reliabler Doctor advises the delay of circumcision to a certain age. Circumcision should be done in a hospital/clinic by a qualified doctor. Circumcision, for new born boys, is recommended. It is not compulsory. Therefore, if a child born to a Muslim family is not circumcised and he remains so until his death, he does not commit a sin. It is true that it is unhygienic to remain un-circumcised, but when we speak of a certain situation from the Islami
c point of view, we have to classify it according to the teachings of the Prophet. Thus, if a person decides not to have it, he can choose this, but he will miss the reward of circumcision which is also an act of worship if it is done for the sake of Allah.”

Moreover, it is stated in the Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of Islam that: “There are many views concerning the time of the male circumcision. The Shafi`es and Hanbalis state that it is recommended to perform it before the attainment of puberty. The Hanafis state that it is preferable that it should be between the age of seven and the age of ten, and it is highly recommended to perform it on the 7th day of birth.”