While bidding farewell to Sheikh Al-Albani, the eminent Muslim scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, said:
“Sheikh Al-Albani is one of the great erudite scholars of the 20th century. He verified a number of books on Hadith and compiled many. Some are listed: Silslat Al-Ahadith Ad-Da`ifah, Silslat Al-Ahadith As-Sahihah, Sahih Al-Jami` As-Saghir wa Ziyadatuhu, Da`if Al-Jami` As-Saghir wa Ziyadatuhu, Sahih Abi Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, Sahih At-Targhib wat-Tarhib (though not fully published, it might be on manuscript), Irwa’ Al-Ghalil fi Takhrij Ahadith Manar As-Sabil, Mukhtasar Sahih Muslim, Mishkat Al-Masabih, As-Sunnah li Ibn Abi `Asim, and other books.
I met Sheikh Al-Albani many times in my life: in Madinah; in the house of my friend Sheikh Zuhayr Ash-Shawish in Doha; and in many other places. He and I were members of the Supreme Council of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah University.
I do confess that although Sheikh Al-Albani, may Allah rest his soul in peace, is an authority in the science of Hadith, I disagree with him on many issues pertaining to Hadith verification and personal juristic reasoning – for example his opinion regarding the circle-shaped gold for women, and his view of the prohibition of Zakah in trade and many other issues.
It goes without saying that this disagreement is quite natural because no one is infallible. Whi
le many people support the views of Sheikh Al-Albani, many oppose him. However, the lapse of a scholar does not undermine his rank or belittle his status.
Actually, the Muslim Ummah bade farewell to one of the great Sheikhs, and I pray to Allah to forgive him, accept him among His righteous slave-servants, and grant him great reward for the service he did for knowledge and religion.