Dr Ahmad Yusuf Sulayman says:

The muslim knows he is accountable for every word he says. Allah SWA says: (Not a word does he utter, without an observer beside him ready.) – Qaf :18. It is said that Mua’dh bin Jabl RA asked the Prophet :O Prophet of Allah, will we be brought to account for what we say?’ He said: ‘May your mother not found you, O Mu’adh! Are people thrown onto their faces in Hell for anything other than the harvest of their tongues?’” The Prophet warned the muslims against being obscene and shameless. Al Tirmidhi narrated in a sound narration on the authority of Abdullah Bin Mas’ud RA that the Prophet said: A true believer is not involved in taunting, or frequently cursing (others) or in indecency or abusing.”. The Prophet in this hadith warned the muslim against being finding fault in lineage, calling people names, insulting lineage, and swearing a lot. He asks people to be taken out from the Mercy of Allah SWA which has encompassed all things, likewise he ordered against omitting obscenities, and using bad words. To this, Al Tirmidhi narrates with a sound chain on the authority iof Anas bin Malik RA – The prrophet said: “There is never any obscenity in a thing, but it mars it, and there is never any modesty in a thing, but it adorns it.” This is because humility prevents the good person from saying things which are inappropriate from hurtful things to words which hurt the feelings.

An arab poet said:

The wounds of the teeth heal, but the wounds that the tongue inflicts do not.

If the muslim realized this problem in himself, then he must strive to hold his tounge, correct his words, and seek refuge with Allah SWA from doing that. Ibn Majah and others have narrated on the authority of Hudhaifa RA said: I complained to the the Prophet that my tongue has said obscene things, so he said: Why don’t you ask for forgiveness? Ask for forgiveness from Allah SWA everyday one hundred times: for the treatment for this sickness is asking forgiveness from Allah SWA often,

Allah SWA says: “To Him do good words go up, and righteous action uplifts them.) Fatir – ayah 10