Dr. Su`aad Ibrahim Salih, professor of Islamic jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, states the following: “There is nothing wrong, as far as Islam is concerned, to seek medication for illnesses. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says, “Allah has assigned for every disease a suitable medicament, hence you should seek medication.”
First, if the couple terminates the pregnancy because there may be a severe disability, and they have no proof of this, then this is not allowed.
However, if a trustworthy and experienced doctor said that there is a possibility of anomalies to the fetus, and it can be treated with the help of modern medicine, then there is no need to terminate the pregnancy, which might endanger the life of the mother.
On the other hand, if the doctor said that carrying such prenatal diagnosis is necessary and there is no any other alternative but to terminate the pregnancy, then it should be carried out.
Moreover, the anomalies, which may affect the fetus, can be classified as follows:
1. A kind of anomaly which allows the fetus to lead a normal life, and he can adapt to after delivery, such as blindness. There is no need to terminate the pregnancy in this case.
2. An anomaly where the child will be born without a vital organ making it difficult or almost impossible to survive and lead a normal life like his peers. Then there is nothing wrong in terminating the pregnancy.
In all cases, it is not allowed to endanger the life of the mother. If the doctor says that the mother’s life is at risk if she continues the pregnancy, even after the spirit is blown into the fetus, then the termination of the pregnancy becomes inevitable.”.