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Managing with Repeated Pregnancy During Ramadan

Assalam alikumI have couple of questions that I would like to know the answer for.I know that you are allowed not to fast during Ramadan if you are breast-feeding and fear the health of your baby. But is it the same when you are breast-feeding a 1 year old, who is able to eat solids fearing that he is ?not eating well?, or ?not feeling well?, and therefore, he needs the milk?Also, if one was to follow the scholars that say that you should both make up the fast and feed the poor, do you have to pay once for each day you missed because of pregnancy and breast-feeding, or is it every year until you make that fast?Another thing, I have read in one of your answers (by Br. Ahmad Kutty ?Making Up for Fasting Days Missed Because of Pregnancy?)about the lady who has about 16yrs of missed Ramadans because of pregnancy and/or breast-feeding, and the answer was that she is better off with the paying option since she has lots of missed days and she would have to be fasting almost all the times for couple of years to make up that fast. But is it the same when she has lots of missed days because of the monthly period, that she has never made them up for no specific reason? ( about 10 yrs or so * 7 -9 days a year). She also has missed couple Ramadans for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Should she consider paying for the Ramadans missed for pregnancy and breastfeeding and making up the ones that she missed for the monthly period?Last thing is, can someone skip fasting because he/she has a cold/ runny nose ( in other words, what goes under being ?sick? when it comes to fasting)? What about the feeling that she wouldn?t have the energy to look after the kids if she was fasting? Also, is feeling the need to throw up and upset stomach ligament for one to miss the fasting or is it part of being fasting??Jazakum Allahu Khair