It is desirable for one to shave the head of the newborn on the Aqiqah for both boy and girl, and this is agreed upon by majority of the scholars. For they said: It is preferable to shave the head of the newborn on the seventh day, and give charity as much as the weight of the hair in silver, then they differed in opinion over the shaving of the head of the girl, The Maliki and the Shafi’ school of thought say that there is no difference in this for the boy or the girl. This is according to what has been narrated, that Fatimah the daughter of the Prophet weighed the hair of Al Hasan, and Al Hussain, and Zaynab, and Umm Kulthum and then gave that weight in silver to charity. (Malik published it in his compilation, and Abu Dawoud in his).

Shaving of the head has the benefit of giving charity, and also the hair that grows afterwards is more beautiful. The opinion that claims that it may distort the creation of Allah and so it’s detested, is not applicable.

As for the Hanbalis they say that the female newborns head should not be shaved, according to the hadith of Samrah bin Jundub: (Every boy is mortgaged by his ‘Aqiqah, so slaughter for him on the seventh day, and shave his head) Narrated by Al Tirmidhi and Abu Dawoud and said the hadith is sound and authentic.