Sometimes chatting on the internet involves boys and girls whereby conversation is channeled towards affection. Part of the chat will extend to matters of sexuality, thereby arousing erotic desire during the conversation, this is not allowed in Shariah and even behaviorally (in conduct). Whoever does something like that has lost his piety and morality. He has wasted his time in committing sin, balderdash, and on worthless things. And this, sometimes, leads to adultery/fornication.

Hence, as it is narrated from the prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him:

‘Eyes commits adultery/fornication.’ Meaning, looking at what Allah forbids is another form of commiting fornication. And it’s undoubtedly leads to perpetrating of disgraceful act, may Allah, the Most High, forbid. Likewise, any conversation similar to this, which indicates lusts is also tantamount to commiting adultery. Its sinfulness is compared to the one looking at the other form of which Allah has forbidden.  It might not be an adultery in reality, but it is perpetration of what Allah, the magnificent and the Mighty, forbids. And it is a sin against Him.