Dr Ahmad Umar Hashim says: it is compulsory for every Muslim to do good to his parents. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) admonished a young man accusing his father of taking his money: ‘you and your money belong to your father,’ Because he needed his son’s help and because he was spending on his family and relatives.

The position of every Muslim is similar to that of the young man. Even if the young man wants to save for marriage and he is afraid that his help to his parents may delay his marriage. 

It is paramount that every Muslim must help his parents because no matter how much help you render to them, you cannot fulfil their rights (over you). So he should not be afraid of his marriage being delayed. Surely, Allaah will make ease for him after hardship.

From hadith qudsi, the Prophet said: “spend, oh son of Adam, (Allah) will spend on you.” If the Hadith refers to general spending, what reward would you think of spending on parents.

So one should not be worried about a marriage delay because Allah will make him successful and the parents will be pleased with him also. There is nothing that can make up for their satisfaction. If they had money, they would have taken the responsibility of the marriage events.