Dr.Monzer Kahf, a prominent economist and counselor states: “It is permissible to rent a shop from someone who is renting it. It was discussed by the OIC Fiqh Academy, Resolution 31 (6/4) in its meeting of 1408 (1988) and approved as long as it is within the duration of the contract (some rent contracts are renewable period after period and the owner may have some legal limitations on refusing to renew, some of these limitations may be unjust, but that is a different issue that deals with enactment of such laws). The fact is a lessee owns the utility of leased property and she/he can sell it for any price (rent), He/she selects for selling what he/she owns for a lump sum plus an amount paid periodically, on his/her behalf, to the owner. In other words, one can rent a property and re-rent it to others for any price and for any way of payment.”