In fact, mankind has never known a religion that calls for peace like Islam. The greeting of Muslims starts with “peace” and Paradise is called “the abode of peace.” Islam also respects the inviolability of the human soul, yet it does not tolerate humiliation and submission (to aggression). Hence, it permits jihad against enemies of Islam as a means of self-defense (and resisting occupation and aggression). If the occupation came to an end and aggression stopped, it would seek to bring about peace and safeguard others’ rights.

The prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Ahmad Ash-Sharabasi, professor of Islamic creed and philosophy at Al-Azhar University states: There are many lies and distortions fabricated against Islam, one of which is that Islam calls for terrorism and opposes peace, but Islam is innocent of all such accusations. On the contrary, Islam seeks to bring about peace more than any other religion. In this regard, it is sufficient to give as evidence that one of Almighty Allah’s names is “Peace.” He, Almighty, wants by this to remind people that He, Most High, is the source of and caller for peace. Furthermore, the greeting exchanged among Muslims is “Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be with you.” Likewise, Muslims finish their prayers turning their heads to the right and then to the left, saying each time, “Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.”

Moreover, if we review the verses of the Glorious Qur’an, we will find that many a time it speaks about and encourages people to bring about peace. Allah Almighty says, (And Allah invites to the abode of peace and guides whom He pleases into the right path.) (Yunus 10:25)

He, Most High, also says about His righteous servants, (For them is the abode of peace with their Lord.) (Al-An`am 6:127)

He, Almighty, also informs us in the Qur’an that the greeting of the believers in the Hereafter is “peace,”  (Their salutation on the day when they shall meet Him will be ‘Peace.’) (Al-Ahzab 33:44)

The angels will also salute the believers in Paradise with “peace” as the Qur’an says, (The angels enter unto them from every gate (saying), Peace be unto you because ye persevered. Ah, passing sweet will be the sequel of the (Heavenly) Home.) (Ar-Ra`d 13:23-4)

As for jihad, which is mostly misunderstood to be a terrorist action, Islam recognizes it as a lawful and justifiable course only for self-defense, resistance of aggression, and freeing people from occupiers and tyrant authorities. Hence, the Qur’an says,  (Sanction is given unto those who fight because they have been wronged; and Allah is indeed able to give them victory.) (Al-Hajj 22:39)

The ethic of war in Islam is,  (Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities.) (Al-Baqarah 2:190)

The Qur’an also says,  (There should be no hostility except against the oppressors.)  (Al-Baqarah 2:193)

It also says,  (And one who attacketh you, attack him in like manner as he attacked you.) (Al-Baqarah 2:194)

Islam, moreover, dictates that Muslims are to make peace with their enemy, if the latter has stopped its aggression and accepted peace that is based on justice and giving back rights to the oppressed. Allah Almighty, thus, says, (And if they incline to peace, incline thou also to it, and trust in Allah. Lo! He is the Hearer, the Knower.) (Al-Anfal 8:61)

Islam also dictates that fighting is legislated as a means for defending the rights of the oppressed, as the Qur’an says,  (And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill treated (and oppressed)? Whose cry is: Our Lord rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help. Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith fight in the cause of evil: so ,fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan.) (An-Nisaa’ 4:75-76)

There are many other texts from the Qur’an and Sunnah that indicate that Islam is the religion of peace, kindness, and brotherhood in humanity. For example, Almighty Allah says,  (O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women.) (An-Nisaa’ 4:1)

Allah Almighty also says,  (O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! The noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware.) (Al-Hujurat 49:13)

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was reported to have said, “The best among people is he who benefits them the most.”

He (peace and blessings be upon him) was also reported to have said, “A (true) Muslim is the one who avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hands, and a (true) believer is the one on whose part Muslims fear no aggression.”

Furthermore, the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) mentioned that one of the best deeds in Islam is “making peace with the world.”

Based on the above, it becomes clear that Islam is the religion of peace and safety, and there is no room therein for violence or aggression.