It is not our role to judge who will go to Paradise or Hell. Rather, it is Muslims’ role to convey the message to people, and it is Almighty Allah Who will judge people based on their belief and deeds.

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, member of the Executive Committee of the Fiqh Council of North America and the Religious Director of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, stated: [According to Islamic teachigs,] Heaven — or Paradise — is a reward for belief in the oneness of Almighty Allah, in the Day of Judgment, in all divine scriptures, in angels, and in all other prophets and messengers, and that faith resulting into good actions and deeds. If these conditions are fulfilled in any human being, that person will enjoy the reward, and if these conditions are not fulfilled, then that person will suffer the punishment.
Muslims are not guaranteed Paradise just because they claim to be Muslims. They have to correct their beliefs and perform good deeds to be able to attain the true felicity.  Thus, a person who does not earn good deeds and embellish his (or her) belief with good actions, will be deprived of Allah’s reward and will suffer the agonies of divine wrath.
Therefore, Muslims should start worrying about their own actions, contributions, and accomplishments instead of being judgmental about others.