First, we pray to Allah to set aright your affairs and to guide you and your husband to the right path.

Second, as you refuse the notion of divorce, you should take practical steps to solve this problem in order to preserve yourself from falling in sin. In fact, you need to contact your husband and explain your emotions to him. Appeal to his emotion and ethics. You have to reach a reasonable solution that brings you together either by his moving to live with you or your moving to live with him. One of you has to sacrifice for the benefit of both of you. If he cannot leave his job, why do not you consider moving to live with him where he is to enjoy you rights. If you cannot, try to convince him with your situation.
You may seek the help of some scholars or some of his relatives to talk to him and attempt to change his attitude. If he truly agreed to your condition that he had to move to Canada, remind him with the hadithMuslims are bound by their conditions” and the other hadith in which the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated that the conditions that are most worthy to be fulfilled are those with which you have deemed women lawful.

Meanwhile, pray to Allah to soften your husband’s heart and to bring you together in the best way.