Can we find an explanation for the great universe? Is there any convincing interpretation of the secret of its existence? We realize that no family can function properly without a responsible head, that no city can prosperously exist without sound administration, and that no state can survive without a leader of some kind. We also realize that nothing comes into being on its own.
Moreover, we observe that the universe exists and functions in the most orderly manner, and that it has survived perhaps billions of years. Can we, then, say that all this is accidental and haphazard? Can we attribute the existence of man and the whole world to a mere chance? Man represents only a very small portion of the great universe, and if he can make plans and appreciate the merits of planning, then his own existence and the survival of the universe must also be based on a planned policy.
This means that there is a designing will behind our material existence, and that there is an extraordinary power to bring things into being and keep them moving in order. In the world there must be a great force in action to keep everything in order. In the beautiful nature there must be a Great Creator who makes these great pieces of art and produces everything for a special purpose in life.
The deeply enlightened people recognize this Creator and call Him Allah. He is not a man be
cause no man can create or make another man. He is not an animal, nor is He a plant. He is neither an idol nor is He a statue of any kind, because none of these things can make itself or create anything else. He is different from all these things, because He is the Maker and Keeper of them all. The maker of anything must be different and greater than the things that he makes.
There are various ways to know Allah and there are many things to tell about Him. The great wonders and impressive marvels of the world are like open books in which we can read about Him. Besides, Allah comes to our aid through the many Messengers and Revelations He has sent down to humanity. These Messengers and Revelations tell us everything we need to know about our Creator.
The complete acceptance of the teachings and guidance of our Creator as revealed to all His Messengers (peace and blessings be upon them all) is Islam, which enjoins faith in the oneness and sovereignty of Allah, and makes man aware of the meaningfulness of the universe and of his place in it. This belief frees the human being from all fears and superstitions as it makes him conscious of the presence of Allah Almighty, and of his obligation towards Him.
This faith must be expressed and tested in action, for faith alone is not enough. Belief in one God requires that we look upon all humanity as one family under the universal omnipotence of the Creator, and Nourisher of all. Islam rejects the idea of a chosen people while on the other hand, it approves that belief in the Creator, and doing righteous deeds is the only way to Heaven. Thus, a direct relationship is established with Allah and without any intercessor at that.
Islam is not a new religion. It is, in essence, the same message and guidance which Allah revealed to all His Prophets, like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them all). But the message which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is Islam in its comprehensive, complete and final form.”
It’s clear that man’s existence on earth has a certain purpose, i.e. to worship His Creator, Almighty Allah. This is the message brought to mankind by all the Prophets and Messengers, peace and blessings be upon them all, and highly stressed by all Divine Scriptures.
For instance, the Glorious Qur’an says: “I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.” (Adh-Dhariyyat: 56)
Meditating on this fact, man needs to ponder over all the wondrous signs surrounding him. He doesn’t even need to let his mind go afar; focusing his mind on how he himself is created is enough to bring light to his eyes, opening them to reality: nothing is created from nothing. And whenever there are creatures, there must be a Creator, and it goes without saying that this Supreme Creator is owed certain rights, the top of which is to worship Him.