Islam does not oppose scientific researches that contribute to the welfare of humanity. However, this research has to abide by the religious boundaries and regulations, not as chains that hinder the progress of the research but as guidelines that direct it to protect the human race from the disastrous corollaries of its wild excursion.

Dr. Hatem Al-Haj, professor of Fiqh at Shari`ah Academy of America, said: Islam is not against stem cell research, yet the issue would be from where we take the cells. If you take them from an adult person, there will be no harm, but the remaining stem cells in adults are limited. If you take them from the placenta and umbilical cord, that is also Ok. If you take them from spontaneously aborted foetuses, that is Ok as well. However, it is forbidden to induce abortion to take them or fertilize human ova to obtain stem cells thereof, likewise would be cloning for stem cells, since all kinds of human cloning are forbidden even if they were in the very early stages of genesis.