Children are Allah’s gifts to people. So, parents have to take care of their children and bring them up on the teachings of Islam. In doing so, they have to observe their behaviour, friends, interests, and hopes. This is meant to guide them to the straight way and protecting them against Satan’s traps.
Dr. Rif`at Fawzi, professor of Shari`ah at Cairo University, states: “Parents in Islam are permitted to follow up the behaviour of their children and to check their morals in order to correct their behaviour and to keep them on the right track and not to let them be tempted in the early stage of their life when they can be easily seduced by the morals and behaviours of other people.
Thus, parents are required to take care of their children and to check their behaviour, as this is a form of education as long as they are still children. When they grow older, this may happen in a way that does not bother one’s children.”