Marriage with the intent of divorce is not allowed, but if it happens the marriage is valid and correct and the intent to divorce is invalid and should be revoked. Since divorce is permitted basically in Islam when there is a need for it, so there is not any justification for hiding any intention for divorce. If a Muslim for instance, marries in Russia, to a Russain woman, so that he does not fall into committing sin, then what is his need for the intention to divorce?

If he finished his studies for example, and he plans on returning back to his country, and his wife is happy with him then he does not have to fulfill the intention of divorce and may take her back with him to his country, there is no harm in that. 

Likewise if he married her with the intent to divorce her after a year, or when his studies finish, and then he found out after a couple of days he cannot live with her for whatever reason, then he can divorce her, even if the period of time that he intended to divorce her after, has not passed. Then what is the reason for the intention to divorce if he has the ability to divorce before the time period that he had intended is over and he is also able to invalidate this intention, and maintain the married life until death?

We do not find any reason, or benefit, or necessity for the intention to divorce