In the first place, we would like to stress that spouses are permitted to look at each other’s naked body, especially when this is done during intimacy. However, being nude in front of each other unnecessarily should be avoided.
Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi said:

“There is no `awrah (parts of the body to be hidden) between the husband and wife. The husband and wife can be naked in front of each other. However, Islam urges human beings to observe haya’ or modesty. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, “The haya’ is part of faith.” (Abu Dawud)

Thus, one should not be nude unnecessarily. The husband and wife can take their clothes off in front of each other to enjoy their sexual relations, but after that they should cover themselves. It is not good to walk around the house naked, even in one’s privacy and not in front of others.”

Given the above, it becomes clear that spouses can see each other naked especially when having intimate relations. There is nothing in the authentic sources ofShari`ah to the effect that this is not allowed. So, you can approach your wife kindly and wisely telling her about Islam’s stance on this issue in light of what we mentioned above. As for the hadith or saying you referred to, please give us its full text and the book from where your wife have read it and the one who narrated it in order to help us check its authenticity.