Sheikh Faysal Mawlawi, deputy chairman of the European Council for Fatwa and Research states that: Originally, the whole universe belongs to Almighty Allah. Then, it is the people who live in a certain patch of land that have the right to claim it. If the people are Arabs, then the country (their place of abode) is an Arab country. The same applies to any other people. It is well-known that the whole India was unified during the period of Islamic caliphate. After the fall of the caliphate, the British occupation divided it into two states. In some parts, Muslims got their own independent country as is the case with Pakistan, which was further divided into two states, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Indian Muslims remained in India as a minority, numbering about 150 millions.
As for Kashmir, it is a place lying between India and Pakistan. Both countries are engaged in struggle to take control over this patch of land. It is well-known that Kashmiri Muslims, forming about three quarters of the whole population, want to join Pakistan. This leads us to say that Kashmir is a Muslim country, and we have the following two facts to support that arguments:
First, Kashmir was governed by Muslims and has been a part of the Muslim Ummah for a long span of time.
Secondly, the overwhelming majority of the people of Kashmir are Muslims.
Thus, based on the above two facts the people of Kashmir have inalienable right to self determination and their right to independence and joining Pakistan is unquestionable as long as they want this. All Muslims are to support them in their just cause.