A Muslim believes that Allah is All-Wise and All-Knowing, and He does not create anything in vain; all of His actions are based on wisdom. If the wisdom behind any of His actions is hidden from the believer, then he should still adhere to this principle, and not think of his Lord in bad terms. There is a Divine Wisdom in everything. The greatness and vastness of Allah’s Infinite Mercy and Wisdom stand far above our weak human perception.
Prof. ‘Abdel-FattaahIdrees, professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, states the following: We are to bear in mind that when calling for mercy, Allah addresses every person of sound mind. It’s for this that Allah Almighty stipulated that we should end the life of any animal in a painless way. This is carried out by using a sharp knife, making the slaughtered animal rest and cutting the throat, and not the whole neck, of the animal. Also on this respect are the rules making it impermissible for a Muslim to sharpen the blade before the animal he wants to slaughter, not only that, but an animal should not be slaughtered in the presence of another. All this reflects that this religion is the religion of mercy.
As for what animals do to one another, this is related to being absolved from any responsibility as regards their acts. Hence, their cruel actions to one another does not fall in the scope of legal rulings.

In the light of these statements, one can deduce that Allah’s mercy is overflowing. Its greatness and vastness stand far above our weak human perception. Whatever the degree of our intelligence is, we will never realize the Divine wisdom and the aspects of mercy in this universe. It is reported that Allah created mercy in a hundred parts and kept with Him ninety-nine parts but revealed only one part in the earth. It is from that part that people show mercy to one another and that a she-horse takes its hoof away from its offspring lest it harms it.
This divine mercy and wisdom are limitless and magnificent, and we have but to say: “Glory be to You, our Lord! You are the Merciful and the Compassionate.”