To come closer to Allah, it is our advice to make use of the following:
1. Try to set a good example for others in all aspects of life asking Allah to help you come closer to Him and to be a good example and ideal for a good Muslim.

2. Ask Allah to help Muslims be more committed to their faith and to regain their lost unity. Try to work for that by being armed with good faith and setting a good example for others and enjoining good and forbidding evil.

3. Knowledge is the first prerequisite of proper Islamic life. Imam al-Bukhari rightly stated in his wonderful work, “Knowledge precedes words and deeds.” In other words, before anything, one should acquire the right kind of knowledge. So, you should your best to increase your Islamic knowledge by studying reliable Shari`ah books, accompanying trustworthy Muslim scholars and learning at their hands, etc.
4. Nurture the habit of making dhikr (remembrance of Allah). Through dhikr you can always enjoy the divine grace and become protected against temptations.
5. Perform your religious obligations diligently. While doing so, be alive to their spirit as well as form.
6. Take care of your time. Time is the essence of life. If we take care to use the present—which is all that we have for certain—for beneficial goals and projects, we can ensure that our life is focused on good.

7. Join hands and cooperate with others in doing good works as much as you can, and thus turn yourself into an instrument of goodness leaving behind you a legacy of goodness when you die

8. Be alert to whatever may divert you from Allah.

9. Be alert to the carnal pleasures that may lead to the realm of the forbidden.

10. Long for Allah’s pleasure and satisfaction in all affairs.

11. Renew the fountains of your Iman by studying and reflecting on Allah’s creation.

12. Remember death, and live with the conscious knowledge that it may happen at any time.